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​It's time for MNIS to make energy




MNIS is a system for the treatment of waste of any nature, with the purpose of the recovery of matter and the production of energy, through a gasification process assisted using plasma torch technology.


MNIS dissociates the non-recyclable solid matter into its constituent elements that can be used as fuels or as secondary materials. 

By plasma torch technology we mean the use of an ionized gas at very high-temperature powered, as a reagent and heat carrier, by the application of an electrical voltage generated by "Plasma Torches”. The syngas obtained through the molecular dissociation process assisted by plasma can be used for the production (matter recovery) of chemicals (HYDROGEN, methane, ethanol) and/or of high-performance energy (IGCC - Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, engines).


The plant can treat all kind of waste without any contraindications. MNIS facilities do not have any type of negative impact neither on human health nor on the environment. The conversion of waste into syngas does not involve any kind of emission into the atmosphere, making the process completely green.


Unfortunately, even today, many tons of products with a high energy content, such as plastic and other organic materials, still end up, in the best case scenario, in landfills, wasting a precious source of energy.


The small dimensions and the daily processing of variable quantities of waste are peculiar characteristics of MNIS systems which make their use possible even in small structures, for which direct waste treatment was previously impossible.


The plant is designed for a market where it is necessary to address specific waste management needs in terms of logistics, toxicity and costs, but where volumes are limited.

MNIS, unlike the waste-to-energy plant, allows the treatment of waste of any nature for the production of syngas, which, treated using MNIS technology,  It can be used for the production of energy with high efficiency and/or chemicals.

Business Overview

The plant can treat all types of waste


The advantages of MNIS technology


In addition to hazardous and toxic waste, MNIS can also dispose of residues from the treatment processes of any other type of plant.


Better performance in waste treatment compared to the technologies currently in use.


Waste disposal without any type of negative impact on human health and the environment and at ''0 km'' in full compliance with European proximity criteria.


MNIS takes up little space (it does not exceed 1.500 m2) and consequently the systems can be placed close to where the waste is produced, minimizing the costs of the collection and transport.


MNIS works with equal efficiency even in the event of variations concerning the quantities and/or in the composition of the incoming waste to be treated

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